Monday, October 11, 2010


I have a very wise mom. Since we were babies, she was adamant about not allowing us to be attached to "things." For example, she despised pacifiers because she didn't want us to become dependent on "things." When I was two, she instructed me to say goodbye to my most beloved blanket and had me throw it into the river. (I shiver even at the thought of throwing Emeth's Precious -- Meow Meow the polar bear -- into the river. It would be like murdering a family member.)

I am sorry to admit, however, all that training did not wean me from wanting the stuffs of the world.

Just two days after my big resolution to keep a simple wardrobe, my eyes are already distracted by all sorts of end-of-summer sales.
Clearances. Coupons. Free shipping.

But I'll need it for next summer!
"Need" is a very strong word for another pair of shoes.

But it's so cheap!
Fertilizer is cheap ($1 can get you 40 pounds), do you buy fertilizer?

But, so pretty...
Don't you have another one like that?

Coveting things that are on sale is not
better than coveting things that are full price.
A house overloaded with stuff from the thrift store is not
better than a house of stuff from Pottery Barn.

Stuff is still stuff,
Excess still excess.

Soul, learn to live with less.
Soul, learn to see true worth.


serene555 said...

I just ordered a batch of maternity clothes online. Hubby's eyebrows raised just a tad higher than usual when he saw the amount on the 'confirm payment' page.

Peter said...

LOL, 40 lbs of fertilizer. at least i'll know how much it cost if i see it sitting around church one day!

Seda said...

Peter -- no worries, we will not be purchasing fertilizer anytime soon. I got the figures from a friend who is really into gardening.
Serene -- Ya... maternity clothes can get expensive, especially because I know you need things for the office!

Aaroink said...

Say hi to your mom for me!

Seda said...

Aaron -- sure thing. =) You'd probably see her before I do.

The Opera Diva said...

Jie! haha...Throwing meow meow into the river would be extremely traumatic. Please don't ever do that to Emeth. hahaha...Ma is so dramatic sometimes.

winifredlam said...

Ma is so dramatic sometimes :) LOL
I lvoe this post..fertilizers! made me laugh :)