Monday, October 25, 2010


A selection of words spoken by Emeth at age two and a half (30-month old) 

Applecado -- A green fruit, mommy and daddy eat it with seaweed and rice.
Bay -- What I do when I listen to mommy, what is better than smart, the verb for bedee. 
Bedee --  The kind of boy I am when I bay. 
Bet -- A B C D E... 
Boon -- Ball-like things that fly, usually attached to a string.
Brea-kes -- What I eat when I wake up, eggs, cereal and milk, yogurt. 
Bun-ton -- What is on the shirt I wear to church.
Chicken -- The place I cannot enter, where mommy cooks and washes the dishes.
Goolala -- Large, black, monkey-like animals. 
Mana -- Yellow fruit, often associated with monkeys. 
Magget -- Shapes and letters that sticks to the refrigerator and other metal objects.
Patter -- What I cannot touch, screen, keyboard, mouse. 
Plan-tets -- Neptune, Earth, Eenus, the one with rings. 
Sheen -- The thing with the button I get to press when mommy does the laundry.
Tapa -- Known also as funny shaped noodle (or "doodle"), a favorite food, sometimes pronounced with an "s" sound, "Tapas." 
Troy -- What I like to do to my buildings and blocks, when I do this I like to say "CRASH!" 

Some favorites from Old Emethese

Deedah -- The big guy who plays hide and seek with me, whose shoulders I sit on, who builds planes and trains with me.
Dahdee -- The other big one, the one who feeds me, a.k.a. mommy.
It was a little sad when he stopped saying these.

Up-pang-ge -- Upward motion, the act of coming out of the crib.
For a few months, Emeth would attach meaningless syllables after short words. He still says this for fun.


Jenni Naselli said...

I love this. My favorite "Emethese" was when he referred to you as "Dahdee" and Hans as "Deedah." Or was it the other way around? :)

Seda said...

Thanks, Jenni, for the reminder! I updated the list.

YeeLing said...

<3 <3 <3 <3
i can't figure out "tapa" or "tapas"
.... D: D: D:

Seda said...

yeeling -- pasta. =)

YeeLing said...

hahaha oooooo
oh, jieshin mentioned "gurt" earlier when we were chatting :]

Hans said...

We find that we often talk in Emethese, especially to him. Probably not a good way for him to learn grammar. :)

We even call Yohanan "Hanan" because of Emeth. There's also "mamilo" which showed us that he changes words on purpose sometimes for fun.

Jean Tsen said...

i had to read this a 2nd time! and i still don't get "tapa"! and i see i'm not alone!
and i always thought "up-pang-ge" made sense to me because you always said to him, "up again, up again" when he falls down so can get back up on his own before he feels like crying!

p.s. i'm glad you and Nat have "met"! :D

Jean Tsen said...


Jill said...

Yes Thea calls Elliott "Khye Khye" hence that's what we are calling him too. Too funny, lil e!!!
Btw, you eat avocado with seaweed and rice?????

OHHHHHHH u mean like sushi?!

Seda said...

Shin -- that's true (about up-pang-ge)
Jill -- yes! exactly like sushi. =) i didn't know that Thea "named" Elliot "Khye Khye"! these toddlers are influential indeed.

Seda said...

today's addition:
Cheepah -- round flat bread with tomato sauce, lots of toppings, and cheese. at lunch time, emeth knocked on daddy's door and shouted: "Daddy!!!! CHEEEEE--PAAAAHHH!!!!"