Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sometimes, I hear testimonies and think: "wow, I wish I had an experience like that" or "I wish I was special like that." More often, our testimonies are about us, rather than about who God is and what he is doing. Recently, I came across testimonies of two young women that are great examples of the latter.

Like resounding bells, I continue to hear "Great is the Lord! Great is the Lord! Great is the Lord!" long after their voices ceased. It is a wonderful truth that God uses the weak and common among us to reflect his glory.

The woman who survived abortion (watch part 1, part 2)

The hidden Christians of North Korea (read here)

Discipleship is as visible as light in the night, as a mountain in the flatlands.
To flee into invisibility is to deny the call.
Any community of Jesus which wants to be invisible is no longer a community that follows him.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Discipleship, 113.


The Opera Diva said...

The "weak" and "common" are only evident to the eyes of the tangible world. God sees more than what meets our eyes.

E! said...

Seda said...

Sling -- We would not recognize them when we see them in glory. =)
E -- Thanks for the link. =)