Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Love knocked on my door

Lilias Trotter (1853-1928), a sketch in her journal

Love knocked on my door, yet my soul drew back,
guilty of dust and sin.
"Please," I said, "don't come in."
Love knocked again, sweetly questioning,
If I lacked anything.
"I am unkind, ungrateful," I answered,
"Please don't look on me. I cannot look on thee."
"Who made the eyes but I?"
"Truth, Lord, but I have marred them;
leave me in my darkness and shame."
"And know you not," said Love,
"who bore the blame?"
"My Lord," I opened the door,
"then I will serve."
Love took my hand, and smiling did reply,
"You must sit down, and taste my meat."
So, I did sit and eat.

Adapted from George Herbert (1593-1633), Love (III).


Kim said...

This is beautiful...I'm trying to read more poetry and would love some recommendations of you have them. Well-known poets, lesser-known ones, Christian poets, etc. Thank you!

Irene Sun said...

Hi Kim, I cannot say I am too familiar with this genre outside of the book of Psalms. =) BUT I do love Amy Carmichael's poems that are recorded by Elisabeth Elliot in "A Chance to Die." Here is one of my favorites, reflections of an Old Testament worshiper after offering a sacrifice unto the Lord.

But these strange ashes, Lord, this nothingness,
This baffling sense of loss?
Son, was the anguish of my stripping less
upon the torturing cross?

Was I not brought into the dust of death,
A worm, and no man I;
Yea, turned to ashes by the vehement breath
Of fire, on Calvary?

O son beloved, this is thy heart's desire:
This, and no other thing
Follows the fall of the Consuming Fire
On the burnt offering.

Go on and taste the joy set high, afar, —
No joy like that to thee.
See how it lights the way like some great star.
Come now, and follow me.

estherogen said...

did you know this poem was instrumental in the conversion of my crazy dark Simone friend :) i love your adaptation

Catherine Yong said...

Ah, my heart...

Catherine Yong said...

Ah, my heart...