Saturday, November 21, 2009


As I was cleaning my kitchen floor on my hands and knees, a strange memory came to me.

Hans visited me in New Haven, CT a few years ago. He commented that my kitchen floor was sticky. I replied, "I know! It's hopeless!"

He proceeded to search for a mop. Together, we discovered that my floor was actually white, not some grayish-yellow.

He then proceeded to ask me to marry him a couple days later. He must have known I needed him then, and I still do.


Peter said...

haha aw :)

we've been talking dating/courtship/marriage at my campus church. it's very interesting. and scary at the same time because OMG IT MIGHT HAPPEN SO SOON AIYAAAAAAA

Seda said...

Peter, we would be interested to hear how the subject is being approached. so be sure to tell this Sunday, since you are around. now, if you had taken notes!! (hint hint) you could just say, i'll show you my notes. but you can't so HA!
also, if you are like Hans, it might happen later than you think. *wink* and that's ok. i'm so glad he waited for me to grow up... as in, literally. =)