Monday, November 2, 2009

The Necessity of Clothing (Part 4)

Bridal garment.

One of the most miserable hurdles in my wedding planning adventure was the purchase of a wedding dress. It was a difficult task style-wise, financial-wise, and heart-wise. Let me spare you the gory details.

I do, however, want to share a conversation I overheard while standing in line for a fitting room in one of the bridal-gown-super-stores I unfortunately had to visit in New York City. The building was three or four stories high and it was HUGE. It was completely packed with big white things and insane women.

There I was tired and discouraged from a long fruitless day, and saddened after having just watched a few pregnant women trying on wedding dresses. Two women behind me were flipping through a bridal magazine and their conversation went something like this:
Woman A: uuu... I like this one,... very sexy!
Woman B: UGH! I would never wear that. I would look like a *virgin*!

You heard right, people. What was the ultimate symbol of purity now is expected to make women look ... well, anything but modest. My point goes beyond this one conversation, just look at the options we are presented. The styles! The price-tags!

Now, how do make my way back to the topic at hand?

So I had made the statement that we wear clothes because their presence serves as a reminder for us that we are no longer what we were created to be. They are things of comfort as they are gifts of mercy from a Father who understands the shame and fear in his children. So he covers us, pointing to a perfect covering that is to come.

Each morning, when we go about the mundane task of picking our garments for the day, let us be filled with hope. Our ordinary outfits this day point to the bridal garment that is to come (Revelation 19:6-9).

As we choose what we should put on, let us also ready ourselves: mind, body, and heart to do the good works that God has set before us this day. Let us think of people to whom we can show kindness, cups of cold water we can offer, morsels of bread we can share. May the Lord help me to be a joyful mom, a content wife, a diligent worker, a faithful friend.

Keeping in mind that we are unable to do anything without the help of our Lord. Our own attempts are futile, insufficient. Though the Bride is to ready herself, it is God who grants her the fine linen, bright and pure.

Go forth and shine, O Bride of Christ.

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serene555 said...

Four storeys high of wedding gowns and screaming mad brides-to-be? Must have been scary…

I don’t mind hearing the gory details about your wedding, in fact I don’t believe I heard any of it.

I got my gown at a pretty good bargain too… they didn’t have four-storey high bridal super stores while I was in Singapore, but this small specialist bridal boutique we visited had off-season gowns available at lower prices. It was amazing to me that those gorgeous gowns could retail for just a quarter of the price of a current season design. They were so pretty and affordable that I bought two on the spot. But I am digressing here.

Seda said...

Serene, it was a test indeed. i will try to incorporate more gory details in upcoming posts.

and i remember the tale of your two wedding gowns. =)

serene555 said...

Oh gosh... I'm going to grow old to be one of those aunties that go on and on like a broken record, repeating stories that I've told a hundred times before!

Seda said...

*laugh* and I shall join you, and we shall make music together!

Jean Tsen said...

*deep sigh of contentment*
thank you jiejiiii
i thoroughly savored your words of anticipation for the Wedding to come. :)
love you!