Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I Learned While Purging

A helpful step towards simplicity -- purging.
Here are some of the things I've been learning:

1. Purging can be fun, and a little addicting.
There lies a great satisfaction in seeing empty hangers and precious space.

2. The best part: The process requires me to be really, really picky.
Too small? Purge!
Too little? Purge!
Too many? Purge!
Too much? Purge!
Just plain ugly? Purge!
I haven't worn this for over a year. Purge!
There is always something else I would rather wear. Purge!

3. I had way, way too many turtlenecks.
Three white ones, two black, dark blue, gray, brown, purple, burgundy.

4. Two pregnancies and two births later, my body has changed (no, I did not just learn this). And I decided that I don't like wearing turtlenecks anymore. Purge!

5. I like saying "Purge!" in my head (maybe this is the best part).
It makes me feel powerful. It's like saying to that piece of clothing "I refuse to be bound by you. Christ is my perfect covering. I do not need you. You mean nothing to me." Fun times, do you see? A little over the top, I realized, but it works to keep things moving along.

6. Black is not always slimming.

7. Fact about purging: Out of sight, out of mind.
I've purged about a third of my wardrobe, and not once did I think, "Oh, I wish I still have that!" Honestly, I can't recall most of the things I've purged.

8. Clothes no longer look attractive after the purge.
I saw some of the clothes I had donated hanging at the thrift store, and there was no part in me that found them at all desirable.

9. I kept many things "just in case I need them in the future."
I kept an ugly black skirt just in case I needed to go to a funeral.

10. I was surprised by how easy it was to get rid of some things, and how hard it was to get rid of others.

 Christmas 1999

11. Things I found most difficult to purge were clothes that had been with me the longest.
You see that red skirt? And that brown top Evelyn is wearing? I still have those. The skirt because it reminds me of the last Christmas and Chinese New Year I celebrated in Malaysia (where all Christmas trees were fake). It also reminds me of the time when I turned down my dear friend Wini who wanted to borrow the skirt when it was still brand new (you can borrow it now, Wini!). As for the brown top, it was a present from Evelyn. These are happy, happy memories.
Among my other relics are a few long-sleeves shirts that Ma and Pa packed for me. They feared that I would be cold in the US.

12. I have the same struggle with some of my unrepentant sins -- the sins most difficult to purge are those that have been with me the longest.


YeeLing said...

hahahahahaha i like the black skirt just in case you need to attend a funeral. kinda sad though...
and i think like that too. >.>
oh and the end of your post is kinda sad... cuz it's like nostalgic and happy, but then linking it to sin is kinda true... and sad :(

Sophie said...

thanks for sharing. purging my wardrobe is hard for me. "i might need this in the future..." i am a terrible hoarder!

the last session was 2 years ago... it's time for another round.

p/s: i thought u look really, really good in turtleneck.

Cindy said...

love this blog - so humorous and SO much truth to it all. I have been purging our house too-- trying at least. reading this inspires me to let go of even more. especially that last one--which I believe must be the hardest..

The Opera Diva said...

BAHAHAHA...It was so tough to give away that shirt. I think that was still the beginnings of when I was slowly coming out of my hard angry shell...
Jie, you don't have to keep that shirt for the memory. Time for a new shirt, for new happy memories!

winifredlam said...

;) can't remember asking to borrow that skirt :) but can remember the Irene, Evelyn, Catherine and Jean in that photo and that apartment..i remember ebing given a tour of that apartment when u had just moved in :) and us looking out of the balcony and talking about our dreams for the future and here we are in the future..memories :)

Seda said...

hi ladies! so nice to see you here.

yling -- Didn't think i was being sad, but now that you mention it... it does have a bittersweet ending. likely because i was missing home.

jie fui ni -- I tend to hoard as well, it comes from an unrealistic view of the future. When did you see me in a turtleneck?

Cindy -- Thanks. =) That last one is the hardest, for sure. It requires much grace. I think purging our material things helps us to purge our idols because we realize that God IS sufficient, in all things.

Szeling -- you are so, so sweet. thanks for the new happy memories, I look forward to more. =)

Wini -- I think this is the first time in the history of our friendship that I remember something you don't. =) you are kind to not remember this one.
i love that balcony, and the mountains it overlooked.

Sophie said...

saw pics of you in a black turtleneck on FB sometime ago :)

Seda said...

jie fui ni -- WOW. Amazing memory!