Friday, November 26, 2010


It will be our 4.5 wedding anniversary tomorrow. And you know I have this thing about anniversaries.

To be honest, I don't really keep track of anniversaries. Most days, I don't even know what date it is.

What I do is I create anniversaries when I need excuses to celebrate. Like when I want to bake a cake, or eat salmon, or share a sweet story about Hans.

This is how it works: I look at the calendar, discover that tomorrow is the 27th (we were married on May 27), do a little more calculation -- and voilĂ ! We have an anniversary!

A while ago, we went to pick someone up at the airport. We were behind a fancy black limousine as we approached the terminal. I was quite amused by the chauffeur in his slick, black uniform climbing in and out of the car opening and closing doors for his patrons. Daydreaming, I said, "mmmm... maybe I'll have a chauffeur in heaven."

Hans turned to look at me, squinted his eyes, and said, "How is that different from now? You don't even drive!"

And he is right.
In fact, I don't open or close my doors anymore.
He even has Emeth trained to open my door and offer his hand to me.

Oh I remember the days when I was so embarrassed that my gentleman-friend opened all the doors for me. It took my pig-headed skull a while to understand that he knew that I knew how to open doors (imagine that!). That he actually enjoyed serving me. That he did this to honor me.

He promised to remain my chauffeur when we get to heaven. I doubt that I would need his service much at all; I am guessing we will mostly be traveling on foot. I only consented to keep him close.


Jean Tsen said...

*sigh* *warm fuzzies* DAaaWWWWWW
*giggles* *gregeten*

happy 4.5 anniversary!

emeth, a mini chauffeur already?? his auntir often thinks of what a heart-melter he's gonna be to so many ladies when he grows up just cuz of how well his parents train him to be charming! hopefully he will be charming by his undivided heart for God. such a charm brings lasting fruit to a girl even if she does not end up with him, because it will inspire and instill in her a heart for lasting things of God. ok ok...i'll confess for the sake of attesting to this, that i'm referring to my first major crush. :) hence i dream the same things for my nephews.

Jean Tsen said...

his auntie*