Friday, December 3, 2010

One Nose and an Old Song

When Emeth was a baby, we were very, very careful about germs. I remember his grandfather wore a mask during one of his visits for fear of passing his cold to his precious grandson. And we appreciated his effort.

We've been fighting at least two or three strands of viruses in our household for the past two months. Yohanan does not have the luxury that his brother once had. Emeth has no restrain sneezing and coughing into his brother's face. Not on purpose, of course, but he is after all a two-year-old with limited hand-to-mouth coordination.

After withstanding several rounds of colds and coughs (yay for mommy's milk!), Yohanan finally caught something two weeks ago. His poor little nose. Oh, and he is teething too.

He was sitting on Hans' lap earlier today and within a few minutes, Hans was wet with drool and snot. Hans, who comes up with rhymes of all sorts, said in response:
One nose to spray them all,
One nose to goober them,
One nose to sneeze on them all,
And in darkness slime them.
This reminds me of the song we made up for Emeth a long, long time ago.
OK, it seems like it was a long time ago.
I am ten months going on eleven months,
I know that I'm naive.
People I meet may tell me I'm sweet,
And willingly I believe.

I am ten months going on eleven months,
Curious as a bee.
Sharpness of metals, heat of the kettle,
What do I know of these.

Generous with my smiles am I
To face my world of fans,
Whimpering, crying, and sad am I
When I am left alone in my playpen.

I need someone bigger and taller,
Play with me, change me, feed me.
You look like a pretty friendly person,
Would you please take care of me?


YeeLing said...

tehe! :D i'm glad they feel better >.<

YeeLing said...

and you too!