Friday, June 11, 2010


We've been teaching Emeth about sharing. As he grows older and continues to develop his sense of possessiveness, it has become harder for him to share. Let this serve as a good warning for those of us who are much older than our precious two-year-old boy.

Just the other day, Daddy asked Emeth whether he was willing to share some cereal with him. Reluctance was written all over his face as he quietly said, "no."

We then gave him the mini-speech about how it is good to share, how it is good to be kind and generous. He thought about it for a bit, paused, and shared one piece of cereal with Daddy. This was followed by many thanks and encouragement from the parents, and Emeth clapping for himself.

My little boy gave me a glimpse of my own foolishness.

1. My cereal is given to me.
2. God asks me to share only a teeny-tiny portion of my cereal.
3. Reluctance to give to the One who gave us life, and everything else we have to live on, is a very, very sad sight.
4. I think I deserve praise and indulge in self-praise when I do share.
5. In the Lord, there is an unending supply of whatever I am hoarding.