Friday, January 1, 2010


It has been too long. I haven't seen the ocean since our honeymoon back in June 2006. On this New Year's Eve, its waves and vastness is what my heart longs for.

In an Edwardsian manner, I hereby declare a strange resolution:

Resolved, to have a heart like the ocean. By the grace and mercy of Christ, knowing I cannot do anything apart from him, I resolve to be like the ocean. Lord, do expand this puddle-like heart of mine.

This is, unsurprisingly, a Hans-inspired metaphor. If one's heart has the depth and width of a puddle, it would not take much to disturb one’s peace. A little ripple, however, can hardly affect deep waters.

This is true for many things I am (painfully) learning.

When Emeth is not behaving even after a full-day of discipline, may my love enclose him as I sing to him before tucking him in.
When things are not going as planned, may I keep my composure for a few coming waves.
When storms of doubt and anger roll by, may the depth of my soul remain quiet and tranquil.
When dishing are piling, homework undone, may hope remain steadfast.
When people change, irritate, and offend, may my soul be still, trusting in the unchanging kindness of my God.

The peace of heart lies ultimately in Christ, the one who holds the ocean in the fold of his garment (Proverbs 30:4).


YeeLing said...

be an ocean :]

E! said...


My heart is too small for the ocean as yet.

Where was this honeymoon? Looks like... Pacific Northwest maybe?

Reminds me of a metaphor of certain continental churches of the world... 10,000 miles wide and only an inch deep.

I leave next Sunday. Can me, Jessica, and Ellie come to play?? Ellie is Emeth-scaled!

Seda said...

Hans promised me mountains and ocean, so Acadia National Park was quite perfect. =)

winifredlam said...

so good...thank you. will keep this in mind. u and hans are both so wise. must be all the bible reading and walking with the Lord :)

Seda said...

we are fools beginning to realize it hurts to fall, and discipline from the Lord is even more painful. =)