Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Space


This a an extension of a blog page we started shortly after Emeth's birth. We found much pleasure in keeping track of his growth and development through the assistance of Tumblon, a team of people dedicated to helping parents navigate through the joys and questions of parenthood.

After some time, however, I find myself wanting to record things more of a personal nature, thoughts from my daily life that extends beyond the categories of parenthood. No doubt Emeth will be one of the main topics here, as he remains a wonderful and complex subject, but hopefully this provides a space for me to write about random bits from here and there.

Welcome, friends, and have a seat.


E! said...


Seda said...

can i bake you a cake?

E! said...

would you please? :)

sugar pumpkins are in season...

puree them at home, it is so very much better than the canned stuff.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. pumpkin banana bread. pumpkin ice cream. pumpkin butter.

jill said...

Hey :) you started a personal blog! Keep it up. Love it!