Thursday, September 24, 2009

In praise of him who married me

Seldom do I praise my husband and I do not thank him enough. I think it is only appropriate to commence this blog by singing the praise of him who loves me and married me.

We met at the end of my long sojourn in the desert. His arm gave me that final pull to climb out of the miry pit. Together, we had a dream of making a pilgrimage to the High Country. As a symbol of this, he proposed marriage with the hope of a trip to Jerusalem. I look forward to walk with him upon the soil of King David and breathe the air of Mount Zion.

Since our nuptial vows, he continues to uphold my steps and prevent many falls. When I fall and I do, a lot, his shoulder provides a safe place for repentance.

He is my child's father. My life overflows with laughter and silliness when these two get together, which is thankfully very often. He keeps things in their proper priority, distinguishing the essentials from the secondaries.

He is a teacher to me, an instructor of how to think, most importantly, about the Scripture. He believes firmly in our formal education, thus sacrifices much comfort and time for me to remain a student of the Word. He defines words, stays up during the burning of midnight oil, corrects grammar; he challenges, exhorts, and inspires.

He is my personal trainer. Our romance is a classic one of athlete meets non-athlete, computer-savvy-person meets non-computer-savvy-person, strategy-game-winner meets non-strategy-game-player. I am no experts in these things, but love can transform and it overcomes many fears.

I am grateful to you, my dear companion.


Jean Tsen said...

ah so good! shin's looking fwd to keeping track with this blog! can i share this with close friends in my life who are entering marriage?
shin laughed at the last big paragraph (actually, i was laughing and clapping) at the romance!

Peter said...

Peter likes this.

Sherryberry said...

I've never heard a wife praise a husband like this. perhaps besides Billy Graham's wife... but ya... dang Hans! You da Man!!!