Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nothing to keep

Excerpts from Parables of the Cross by Lilias Trotter.

Look at this buttercup as it begins to learn its new lesson. The little hands of the calyx clasp tightly in the bud  round the beautiful petals; in the young flower their grasp grows more elasticloosening somewhat in the daytime, but keeping the power of contracting, able to close in again during a rainstorm, or when night comes on. But see the central flower, which has reached its maturity. The calyx hands have unclasped utterly nowthey have folded themselves back, past all power of closing again upon the petals, leaving the golden crown free to float away when God's time comes. 
Have we learned the buttercup's lesson yet? Are our hands off the very blossom of our life? Are all thingseven the treasures that He has sanctifiedheld loosely, ready to be parted with, without a struggle, when He asks for them?

Lilias Trotter, Lesson of the Buttercup

And a like independence is the characteristic of the new flood of resurrection life that comes to our souls as we learn this fresh lesson of dyinga grand independence of any earthly thing to satisfy our soul. The liberty of those who have nothing to lose because they have nothing to keep. We can do without anything while we have God.

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estherogen said...

grand liberty of wide open hearts.

dispossessed of self and oh so free!

Spirit, divest me of myself today so i can live anew.

thank you for sharing, buttercup baby. i have not seen this one before.