Thursday, December 3, 2015

Do the next thing

Our path has been quite narrow lately. "Do the next thing" brings great comfort and clarity. The next thing is often painfully obvious. Vacuum the floor. Teach the children. Read to them. Shop for food. Cook the food. Eat the food. Wash the dishes. Look for missing puzzle pieces, again. Praying, waiting. Discipline, discipline, blessed discipline (for me, not necessarily for the children).

The way is paved for us, and I am grateful.

Narrow is the path that leads to life. This narrowness leads to the gates of splendor, where there is an entire universe waiting on the other side.

My dear friends, I have missed you. Thank you for dropping by. This space is collecting dust, again. I cannot wait for that glorious day when we will have forever to feast, and praise the Lord for the all the ways he leads us. How he is always with us, never forsaking, always helping.

For friends who will be in the Chicago area during the holidays, Hans and I will be teaching at Grace Conference this year (December 27-30). Beu Love Batayola will be teaching on the power of God's Word, Hans will be teaching the Five Solas of the Reformation, and I will be teaching from the book of Psalms. We would be so glad to see you, to feast on God's Word with you.


Julie said...

How I wish I could hear your talk on the Psalms! Just starting to do a quick read through the whole book as part of a bigger reading program. If you get a recording of your talk, could you post it or send it my way? Would love that :)

estherogen said...

pre-processing please :)

am gonna send some mail and a pre-postaged envelope to seattle for that plaid shirt.

miss you

julie said...

Oh by the way, you've probably seen this, but here's a Psalms overview:

Danni said...

Thank you for your blog. I stumbled on it from your article on the Gospel Coalition web site called "the gospel on our sleeves" and will be reading! That article almost made me cry because you say exactly what no one else is saying about this issue. I love your writing style and thoughts on things. I've been thinking about beginning writing as a homeschool mom and you encourage me. Thank you!

Irene Sun said...

Oh Danni, it's nearly 1 a.m. here. As you were writing that note, I was folding four loads of laundry. I'm off to tackle the dishes. THANK YOU. Your words are the Lord's balm of comfort to me tonight (this morning?). He sees us. And he reads our words, even the secret, unspoken prayers of our hearts. *hugs* to you, dear sister.