Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Almost indulgent

Mr. Khesed is quite the talker nowadays. I melt a little whenever he sings and hums to himself.

He loves colors, and red in particular. He loves his older brothers and follows them everywhere. He makes his wishes known in one word exclamations. He still calls many things and people by the first letter of their names, but he has learned many of their full names as well (J Jean! J Josh!). Sometimes, he summons things by their color ("Yellow!" for his cup, "Orange!" for carrots). Yesterday, he learned to say, "Boots! Daddy!" That's three syllables all at once. A big deal. He laughed a big laugh and beamed.

His happy place.
My baby turned two last week. I cannot believe how fast the years are flying by. I still remember how he slipped out of me before the nurses and doctor were ready. And prior to "slipping out," he also gave me the most painful pain I had ever known.

My good friend Serene (whom I've known for two decades) quit her office job about a year ago and opened a family day care right at her home. A brave and adventurous soul, she said that her career change has given her the time to be with her children, so much that it felt almost indulgent.

"Indulgent" — a strange word to describe this stage of our lives, when days are filled with jam covered faces and crumbs all over the floor. But "indulgent" rings true. Every moment alive with the ones we love is good and weighty and precious. Every nibble of his dimple, every summon (Mommy-O-mommy-O-mommy!!!), even the tears and things we are less eager to remember.

He likes scarves.

So, my littlest dude, the one who loves scarves and puppets and coloring, don't be in such a hurry to grow up. We miss so much whenever we are in a hurry. Mommy wants to gather you in my arms—all of your limbs all at once—just a little longer.

Here are some of his (mispronounced) words that are just too cute to correct:

Moshare! - lotion

Wawa! - water (as in, I'm thirsty right now)

Gib! - give (as in, take this right now)

Huck! - hug (as in, hug me right now)

Hee! - C (for car, cat, carrot, colors, etc.)

Gee! -guitar

Tracah! - chocolate

Crumb! Berries! - Cranberries (his longest word)

Rest! - raisins

Tato! - potato

O's! - cereal (the shape of Cheerios)

Bun-ton! - Button

Huuhuu! - train

Honey! - What he sometimes call Hanan, and what he yells when he knocks on Daddy's door. He calls the real honey "H".

And puppets.

A few additions that I had forgotten:

Chepap! - Ketchup

Good Norming! - Good morning!

Mas-meo! - Marshmallow

Ba-ba! - Sheep

Ornts! - Ornaments

Lub ewe - I love you (one of the only phrases he does not shout)


Thomas.Laura Tsen said...

Oh..... Khesed is sooo cute!! Thank God for Khesed!! Thanks Ling, for sharing this with us! we really miss our grandsons!! God bless Khesed as he has just celebrated his 2nd birthday!!

estherliu said...

Chugga chugga chugga chugga huu!huu!

Do you bang on hans door for honey? Hahha

Irene Sun said...

Pa and Ma - Ling was going to post this on your wall as a surprise this morning! But I guess you saw it before I had the chance to post it. Amah! Agong! Come and visit Khesed! heehee

Esther - That is very likely how he learned it. He probably thinks it's magical, like "open sesame!" :D

Stephanie said...

I love this perspective! It really is a gift to be home with our little ones.

Your Khesed is adorable and his scarf-wearing cracks me up!! hehe I need to follow your example in writing down the little things they say - I always think I'll remember but it slips away! Our Joshua is 26 months and he's not big on sentences either - it's a big deal if he ask for something by putting two words together! "Lotion" is "Yo-shun" and "Raisins" is "Didis" (no idea why) for him. And he calls me mommy-o-mommy-o too! Kids are so funny :)

Irene Sun said...

Hi Stephanie! =) Yo-shun is really close. Well done, Joshua! And I am sure he has good reasons to call raisins didis. K started calling raisins "rest" when I asked him whether he wanted the "rest of the raisins." Kids ARE so funny!

Start writing them down! I used to keep a notepad on the kitchen counter for this purpose. Because once they start pronouncing word correctly, they never go back. =)

Serenely said...

What an absolutely adorable post on this little guy! He is quite the character isn't he? It's great that you are still keeping this posts up for all you kids. It's given me a little nudge not to forget baby #2 for me too :)

estherogen said...

Hmmm... I really like the aqua colored le creuset. hmm.