Sunday, October 26, 2014

God Counts: Numbers in the Bible

Here is the story of how I learned to teach Yohanan about God. You can download the picture book I made for him over at the Gospel Coalition Blog.

Hans handcrafted these for Yohanan, our little number lover.

Description of the book

God Counts is a book about God told through the numbers in the Bible. Essentially, it is a theology primer for very young children (ages 2 to 5). I sketched some simple drawings and left them in black and white to make it a little easier to print. In our home, it also serves as a coloring book.


Kim said...

Hi - my name is Kim and am a fellow homeschooler. I've been following your blog for a few months and really enjoy it! This book you created is so great. Thank you for offering it to us :) I'm looking forward to printing it out. Have a blessed day!

Irene Sun said...

Thank you, Kim, for your comment. You blessed me this morning with a new friend and a new blog to read! =) I merely scanned through your blog and I've already gleaned a few ideas from you. THANK YOU!

Kim said...

It's definitely a joy to find like-minded homeschooling mamas grounded in the gospel :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

Arthur and Minli said...

Thanks for the lovely number book. We'll go through it with Billy who loves number too.

Irene Sun said...

Arthur and Minli,

Thank you for your note. Knowing that you will be reading this with Billy brings me great encouragement! =)

Grace Harbor said...

I am looking for a list of things that God counts. Just read Numbers chapter one. :D

I know that God counts stars, tears, hair, days and Israelites.

Your Primer is cute.