Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sometimes, boring can be good

As I was cleaning out one of my thumb drives, I stumbled across a poem that I wrote to Hans nearly five years ago. I have no recollection of it, until now. It is so incredibly nerdy and so thoroughly boring that I must share it.

I think I was trying to be funny.
But I wasn't

Truth be told, I can't even understand most of it.

No, seriously.

This post is simply to demonstrate that marriage is not always exciting. It can sometimes be, in fact, quite boring. And with three little boys running around the the house, boring is good. An uneventful day is a good day. Putting people to sleep is good, as well.

So yeah.
Here is to more boring, sleepy days ahead.

A Literary Study of Poetic Devices in a Conceptual Metaphor
A mystery,
lovely and hidden
in public squares and enclosed places,
a thing of many kinds and lengths,
created work of
selection and combination,
an interplay of
parallels growing into one,
an asymmetrical reciprocity,
a giving and returning of
pairs juxtaposed,
equivalents yet contrasts,
alike yet unlike,
paradigmatic yet syntagmatic,
multiplying fruits
in silence and togetherness,
full in emptiness,
a hendiadys,
an oxymoron,
two making a third,
repeating and echoing,
enlightening and completing
one another’s ellipses,
fulfilling one another’s gaps
in moments of enjambment,
overflowing and interrupting
storms and rage,
deep waters overcome waves
when understood and interpreted
with gentleness and reverence
while hoping and believing
in toil and rest,
lament and praise,
fear and awe,
exposing the Beautiful

For Hans,
my poem and poet
March 17, 2009


Beng Cher said...

Irene, love love love this poem. So creative and beautiful. Keep up the good work!! I am going to depend on this list to study poetic devices, in my final attempt for the comp. After this, my program ends, whether I pass or fail!! In John's words---do or die. Miss you!

Irene Sun said...

Beng Cher! Your note was such a sweet surprise, brought a huge smile across my face. I am cheering you on!!! You are so incredibly brave. I still have the definition of these terms (and more) saved on my computer. Do you need them?

Serenely said...

Boring, uneventful, ordinary days can be the best kind. I love days like that when we can just 'be'.

Your poem is super deep. I can sort of see the funny side. Or maybe it's just because I know it's you.

Cheers to ordinary days!

estherogen said...