Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soul, be not anxious

My dear friend,

In case you need to hear these words as I do today.
I will help you.

That is very little for me to do, to help you. Consider what I have done already. What! not help you? Why, I bought you with my blood. What! not help you? I have died for you; and if I have done the great, will I not do the less?

I will help you.

It will cost me nothing. Redeeming you cost me much, but I have all and abound. Help you? You need never fear that. If you need a thousand times as much help as you do need, I would give it to you; but it is little that you do require compared with what I have to give. It is great for you to need, but it is nothing for me to bestow. Fear not.
I will help you.
-Charles H. Spurgeon, The Spurgeon Series 1857 & 1858


wendy said...

how quickly a Father runs to his children when we call his name...

Jean Tsen said...


I saw the picture of your blog above and experienced a warm feeling inside. That does not normally happen when i open your blog. Indication of withdrawal? :)

Love you and miss you!!