Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A diptych for the kitchen

That I may cast my eyes on the true bread and the true wine
as my hands work to create mere shadows of divine things.
That I may remember how manna rained from heaven and water gushed out of rocks
when little hungry people are crying to be fed.

Soul, be still, for our God provides all our needs.

That the Lord may feed true food to all who gather at our table,
family, friends, travelers, foreigners, strangers.

That we may taste the Feast of Life.
That our hunger may be satisfied, our thirst quenched.
That we may love rightly and truly.

That we may remember the Body that was broken for us,
the Blood that was shed for us.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


ruth@gracelaced said...

I love it! You have such a distinct style and feel. I really like rich colors...and so so meaningful!

Serenely said...

How lovely. Didn't you sign the corner like an artist? Who knows someday they might be passed down to the next generation ^_^

Jean Tsen said...

LIKE!!! a lot! i love the branch and leaves of the vine tree--i like how you made them look like actual vine trees! I like the black outline around the yellow wheat. What did you use? At first glimpse i thought it was pastel crayons. But you painted this!

so...how did you get so inspired and so motivated? baby? :D maybe you have an artistic one coming! oh, it must really add to the feel of the kitchen! excited to see it! what do the boys think?

Seda said...

Ruth - I didn't know of this "style" until this pregnancy. I used to do a lot of charcoal. So colors are really new territory for me.

I've always been a fan of stained glass windows, Byzantine mosaics, and the frescoes in the Roman catacombs. That was the look I was going for. :-) I wish I could paint beautiful flowers like you!

Serene - No, I did not sign my name on them. Hmm... didn't even cross my mind. Perhaps I might leave a message. Thanks for the thought!! ;-)

Shin - I can't wait for you to come!!! It *is* oil pastel. teehee... and paint. I used both. I am quite certain it is the baby, because I have no idea where these urges are coming from. Very grateful for a short window before the baby comes.

E! said...

how lovely.

i also want to laud your use of "diptych"