Monday, April 30, 2012

little was never so big

When God walked among us, Jesus loved children.

He was always patient, always kind. They often interrupted and asked a lot of questions and talked too much (especially the four-year-olds, I am sure). They were loud; they were children. But he was not annoyed or irritated. He was never too busy. They were never too little.

He told them stories. They surrounded him. They believed him. They knew he came from God, because he said so. They took front row seats at the miracles. They gasped when the blind beggar opened his eyes. They cheered when the lame man took his first step. They were not afraid to sing his praises: "Hosanna to the Son of David! Hosanna in the highest!" while the adults grumbled and plotted the savior's death.

He knew them by name. Sometimes, he would say, "Come!" Most of the time, he did not need to; they flew into his open arms. He held the babies, laid his hand on the bigger ones. And he would pray, and pray, and pray for them. He would tell his disciples: "Turn, and be like children."

He was kind to fathers, and especially to mothers. He remembered pregnant women, mothers of young children, and single moms, the widows. When their children were hungry, he fed them. When their children were sick, he healed them. And when all hope was gone, he raised their little ones from the dead.

Jesus loved children.

When God lived among us, he covered his glory with the face of a fetus, wrapped in a virgin's womb. A small, narrow place for the Maker of stars. He was a baby. He was fed, held, swaddled.

Little was never so big;
big was never so little.

Scripture references:
Matthew 9:24-25; 11:2;14:21; 15:38; 17:18; 18:2-5; 19:13-14; 21:15-16; 24:19.


Michelle @ The Willing Cook said...

I love thinking on the human aspects of God made man. How Mary & Joseph must of felt. How Jesus lived just like us, but without the sin. It is so humbling, awe-filled, and joyous all at the same time.

Tess said...

I love your illustrations throughout the post. I can picture everything in my mind that you've described. Thank you for the reminders... :)

Jen said...

Lovely! Thank You!

Jen said...

Beautiful post!

Seda said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for the love. =)

Michelle and Tess -- Before marriage, I was never really fond of children. But these passages about Jesus interactions with children, and the incarnation, fill me with awe.

Ruth@GraceLaced said...

Insightful, Seda. I was just like you about children before marriage. Everything about the Gospel is so backwards to our sinful nature...praise the Lord he's making us more like Him day by day!

Catherine said...


E! said...

while the adults grumbled, the children stayed in awe. i love your word pictures =)