Monday, February 13, 2012

On common, marvelous things

In our house, a house where there are two seminary students, Bibles are as common as bananas.

Years ago, I watched a video of Christians gathering in a rural village in China. Due to the persecution and the ban, they had no Bible. On that particular Sunday, some traveling evangelists were visiting and they had with them a copy of the Bible.

The little red book was passed from person to person in the gathering. People wept at the sight of it. Some cradled it next to their hearts. Some placed it against their cheeks, the way I placed my cheek against my child's right before I tucked him in last night.

God's Word was marvelous in their eyes.

Growing up in Malaysia, bananas (tiny pisang emas) grew beside the ditch in our backyard. Here in the US, bananas are in stores all year long. Completely taken for granted, like clean water. That is until two years ago when I introduced solid food to Emeth. I learned to appreciate this creamy, fragrant, soft (helpful for little people) and seedless (time-saving) fruit. Not to mention cheap (always a plus), versatile, and common.

Last week, inspired by my childhood friend Serene, we brought the humble fruit to another level: Banana ice-cream. Without the cream. And no added sugar. Just banana.

We had it three times a day, three days in a row. Craziness. And to think that in ages past, bananas sat there contently -- in the Garden of Eden, in the jungles, beside the ditch behind our old house. Completely delicious just as it is, but spectacular when frozen and blended.

Common things can be marvelous.

Creamy ice-banana
A most encouraging tip I learned about cooking was this: Yumminess is 50% technique, 30% recipe, and 20% ingredient. Or something like that. The point is that the right technique can do wonders to ordinary ingredients.

I did add two tablespoons of vanilla yogurt and a dash of milk to hasten the process (because little people are hungry in the mornings). But they are not necessary. We like it both ways. At first, its consistency will be like soft-serve ice-cream. After a few hours in the freezer, it will firm up.

Peel and slice four bananas.

Freeze over-night, or until frozen.

Blend, scrape, blend, scrape, blend.

Watch and wait.





N. said...

I never would've thought to eat the banana that way! Looks yummy!
Thanks for reminding us that even what's common is important. :)

ginanorma said...

Yay i eat my banana's that way too, such a sweet post filled with love and grace, THANK YOU LORD!

ruth@gracelaced said...

Brilliant! I have never tried this! Thanks so much for sharing.

Serenely said...

Thank you for the photographic essay on this. It's always lovely to get a glimpse into your ordinary everyday doings with your boys. And your banana ice cream looks awesome... I can only feast with my eyes.

Olivia said...

So marvelous, for something so ordinary!

Shannon said...

Mmmm! We've cut up our bananas and put them in the freezer...and can't wait to try this 3 year old is so excited!

Seda said...

Hi ladies! =) Thanks for dropping by!
Serene, thanks again for the "recipe". =)
Shannon, I have a three-year-old boy too. I am so excited for your son, and for you! They *think* they are have ice cream for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)... but we know they are just eating bananas. =) Let me know how it turns out or if you have any question!

The Opera Diva said...

I have no babies at home, but I made it anyways and it was nummy! =) I made Alec have some. And.. Nope! The boy still does NOT like bananas.

Love you, Jieji!

Sherri said...

This is one of Ivan's favorites too! He makes it when the bananas are too brown for me to eat.

Seda said...

Szeling -- love you too! You are so cute. I didn't really like banana either, except when it was pisang emas and banana bread. I warmed up to it after kids.

Sherri -- teehee. How very thoughtful of him. You make me recall many delicious looking meals you/Ivan posted on facebook! =)

Michelle said...

"They think they are having ice cream for breakfast, but we know they are just eating bananas"

Truth, and a metaphor that can be mined. We should try this, too.