Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow covers, like grace

I love snow.

I lost my key,

This time, we did not find it. It is still out there, somewhere. Buried in the snow.

It must have fallen out of my pocket when I took the boys' mittens out. There we were, all four of us, kicking and digging around a few square meters. Only two of us were really looking though, I think. Emeth tried his best. And Yohanan cheered us on with his laughs, looking like an astronaut in his red snowsuit.

While we were looking, Emeth prayed with daddy, "Lord, please help us find mommy's key." After an hour of searching, he prayed again, "Thank you, Lord, for helping us."

He did not say, "even though we did not find it." Like I would have.

Grace in the losing,
grace in the looking,
grace in the waiting.

UPDATE: Hans found my key, again. He found it as he systematically brushed the snow off the ground. Grace in the finding.


ruth@gracelaced said...

I love this: Indeed, Lord, thank you for helping us...because His provision (whether it is in providing what we desire or not) is ultimately our Good. Yay for found keys!!

thetoddlerwhisperer said...

YAY so happy you found them! How sweet your son's little prayers. :)

Abby said...

What grace that God allows us to learn so much from our children. (And hooray for finding that key!) :)