Tuesday, February 23, 2010


On our last night in Honduras, mom and dad took care of Emeth to give us some time by ourselves. We took a long stride by the ocean as the sun was setting.

While we walked, Hans told an elaborate story of a man trying to make his mark in history.

How he labored.

How sure he was of its worth and grandeur.

How all will see and be amazed, and remember its builder.

How it lasted.

Until the waves came.

It was a very sad story. A very true story.

Lord, let me be content with the ebb and flow of your waves.
May I see the foolishness in my desire for a sandy edifice.
Let me find joy in you, the Ocean.


Peter said...



E! said...

this is beautiful. enough with my sandcastles.

One God! one Majesty!
There is no God but Thee!
Unbounded, unextended Unity!

Unfathomable Sea!
All life is out of Thee,
And Thy life is Thy blissful Unity.

(Frederick W. Faber)

Seda said...

Thank you for true words, E! =)